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Rebecca Hume

Rebecca Hume, who graduated 2015 MFA Multidisciplinary Design, was awarded the Vice-Chancellor's Award 2014

Rebecca Hume app

The emergency services app being developed by Rebecca Hume

Becca received her award from the Student Fund in the final year of her MFA, in order to develop her ambitious plans to launch an emergency app. The app provides a non-verbal method of contacting the emergency services, so is particularly useful for people with speech impediments, hearing loss or difficulty communicating.

"I have had a really exciting journey since leaving Ulster University, the product has received high acclaim from this year's BT Infinity Labs Innovation Competition and the Invent 2016 Competition. Without the help of the Student Fund I wouldn't have be where I am today as quickly, so I am incredibly appreciative!"

Michele Floyd

Michele Floyd Yr 2 BSc Hons Social Work (part-time) Gateway Scholarship 2015

Michele was delayed in her university journey as she was caring for her mother, who sadly passed away from cancer. She is now responsible for her brother who is registered autistic with a severe learning disability and is non-verbal, and her teenage sister who is inevitably struggling with the loss of her mother. Michele also has her own young son to care for. She is determined to reach her goal of becoming a social worker and make a real difference to vulnerable people.

"This scholarship offers more than the much-needed financial support, it has been a real boost to my confidence and has inspired me to continue pursuing my goals."


Ulster University Student Fund

The Ulster University Student Fund helps us to foster and develop the sports stars, the scientists, the creatives, the entrepreneurs and the leaders of tomorrow. In a nutshell, you can help students fulfil their potential and transform their futures.

100% of each gift to the Student Fund goes directly towards supporting our students.These gifts make a significant difference to the lives of students, encouraging and rewarding excellence and innovation, providing much needed financial assistance and supporting activities which add value to students' academic excellence.

By supporting the Student Fund you will be helping students at Ulster University across many areas, as below:

Gateway Scholarships

We are committed to bringing down the barriers preventing people with ability and drive, especially those from low income families, from going to university

Broadening Horizons Travel Bursary

We see the huge value in providing opportunities for students to travel as part of their studies. These bursaries allow students to reach their potential by taking their research, placement or entrepreneurial idea outside of Northern Ireland.

Sports Scholarships

Excellence is at the heart of Ulster University.We support our gifted athletes to take their talents to the world stage

Vice-Chancellor's Award

We provide grants to support student-focused projects and activities, with a particular emphasis on student innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity, aiming to inspire the next generation and kick-start a promising business idea.

Academic Excellence

We inspire and reward high achievers. An award is given to the student with top overall marks at the end of first year in each Faculty, which we know is a huge boost and encouragement which has resulted in students excelling after leaving Ulster.


We recognise the importance of accessing knowledge and add value to existing services - our libraries are at the heart of Ulster University's academic life.

Student support

We value our student support team and provide additional funding to help our students realise their academic and personal goals.

Please browse our Donor Impact 2016, which provides further updates on how generosity from our graduates, staff and friends is supporting our students

Thank you for considering a gift to the Ulster University Student Fund. We welcome every gift, regardless of size. When put together your gifts will make a huge difference to our students now and in the future

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