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Information on Ulster University associations.

New England Branch Information

Founded in 1995, the Ulster University New England Association (UUNEAA) is based in Boston and provides an opportunity for Ulster alumni to come together to socialize and network.The UUNEAA organizes a number of events each year. The UUNEAA supports the Boston Discovery Scholarship which supports students who enroll at Ulster University from the University’s Step-Up programme.

The President of the UUNEAA is Karl Walsh.

If you live in New England and want to find out about the Events program, please visit the New England Branch pages on Ulster University website.

Set Up Your Own Ulster University Association

If you would like to set up your own Ulster University association or if you would like more information regarding this please contact:

Debbie Jamieson
Ulster University
Room L116
Coleraine campus
BT52 1SA

Telephone: +44 28 7012 3208


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