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Boston Step-Up Program

Ulster University's Step-up is a unique and innovative science-based program which aims to provide an opportunity for pupils from areas of social and economic disadvantage in Northern Ireland to access higher education.

The program targets schools on the basis of statistical indicators of economic and social disadvantage. Pupils are then selected on the basis of a number of indicators which include:

Boston Step Up to Ulster University Scholarship

In 2004, the Ulster University New England Alumni Association (UUNEAA) established a scholarship to support the Boston Step-Up Program. The “Boston Step-Up Scholarship” offers a scholarship of $1,500 per year for up to four years to support a Boston Step-Up Program participant who is studying at Ulster University.

The first Boston Step-Up Scholarship was awarded in 2004 to Nicole McIntyre from the Bogside area of Derry. Nicole studied for a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Radiography, a 4 year program at the Jordanstown campus. The $1,500 per year that she received from the scholarship really made a difference to Nicole and she graduated in 2008:

It was wonderful to receive the Boston scholarship. It was a great cushion that helped me immeasurably in getting through my four years at Jordanstown...At a Step-Up summer camp for example, we were able to work with scientists and to research a project. You just got the opportunity to do things that you would never do in a normal A-level. Step-Up helped me with the transition into university through its practical aspects and the confidence it gave me.

Nicole now works as a hospital radiographer in two Glasgow hospitals, the Gartnavel General and the Western Infirmary:

To date, 6 students have been awarded the Boston Step-Up Scholarship

In addition to financial support the UUNEAA can provide mentoring, assistance in finding internships in the Boston area and networking opportunities for the successful candidate after graduation. Please contact Debbie Jamieson for more information.

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